Program of the II Annual Investment Forum in Saint Petersburg
26-27 October 2017

October 26 - The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Emb. of the Fontanka river, 49A
9:00-11:30 THEATER HALL

Plenary Session
Investment message by Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg
A global city and its role in the global economy. Investments into technologies, talent and creativity
Business Breakfast:
Economic Agenda. Investments in the Present-Day Conditions


  • Infrastructure building: Investment models, financing mechanisms, and the development of public-private partnership
  • Transportation and logistics: Growth potential for Saint Petersburg
  • Incentives for the localization and the development of industrial production in the region
  • Urban environment for a new economy
  • Pharmaceutical industry of Saint Petersburg: Opportunities for export and innovation
  • Economy of sport and the sport business
  • Digital government: Infrastructure, capitalizing on opportunities and development prospects
  • Investment climate of the Northwestern Federal District (NWFD)
  • Investment in healthcare: Preserving the human capital
  • Investment in commercial real estate of St. Petersburg: Post-crisis growth and the return of international investors

October 27, Lumiere Hall, 74C, Obvodnogo Kanala Emb.


  • Development of creative industries: Prerequisites and prospects. How do creative and cultural projects change urban economy?
  • Potential of light industry in the development of creative economy

October 26 - The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre, Emb. of the Fontanka river, 49A

09.30-11.30 THEATER HALL

Investment message by Georgy Poltavchenko, Governor of St. Petersburg
Plenary session
A global city and its role in the global economy. Investments into technologies, talent and creativity
Issues for discussion:

  • Developing global competitiveness of the urban economy.
  • Competitive advantages of Saint Petersburg and its regional uniqueness in attracting investment. Priority segments of development. Opportunities offered by the location, urban infrastructure, and human capital.
  • The City's investment policy. Key targets for investors: Where and how to search for the growth points in the City?
  • How to achieve a synergistic effect of Saint Petersburg's advantages while struggling for investment?
  • Mechanisms for creating conditions for the localization of the projects that form integrated technological chains involving businesses with high added value.

Joe Watt,
Chairman of the Management Committee and Managing Partner in the CIS, EY

Georgy Poltavchenko,
Governor of St. Petersburg
Nikolay Tsukanov, Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in Northwestern Federal District
Andrey Kostin, President/Chair of the Board of Directors, Bank VTB PAO
Dmitry Pankin, Chair of the Board of Directors, European Development Bank
Alexander Saveliev, Chairman of the Board, Bank Saint Petersburg
Alexander Bobkov, Executive Director, JSC MFC Lakhta Center
Maher Batruni, Segment Director General, Wrigley
Arkadiy Stolpner, Chairman of the Board, Group of Companies of Dr. Berezin Medical Institute
Ivan Smirnov, Managing Partner, St. Petersburg office of Yegorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners Law Firm
Sergey Khromov, General Director, MC "Start Development"


Business Breakfast (by invitations only)
Economic Agenda. Investments in the Present-Day Conditions.

Alexander Kareyevsky,
economic correspondent, TV Russia 24
Vadim Isakov, Director, North-Western Branch, BKS Premier (FG BKS)

12.00-13.30 THEATER HALL

Infrastructure building: Investment models, financing mechanisms, and the development of public-private partnership
Issues for discussion:

  • Government initiatives to create conditions for bringing private investors into the infrastructure projects.
  • Forming a regulatory framework to support the implementation of capital-intensive projects.
  • Big business initiatives addressing infrastructural issues.
  • Is it possible to create a large scale project market in Russia based on regional projects?
  • Mechanisms of financing infrastructure projects involving public-private partnerships. How to package a project for financing correctly and effectively distribute risks among all the stakeholders?
  • International funding of infrastructure. Can Russia claim a "piece of pie" in the international funding sources, role of development banks?

Olga Arkhangelskaya,
Partner & Director of the Group on servicing companies in the real estate, transport, and infrastructure sectors and state companies in the NIS, EY

Ilya Tkachev,
Advisor to the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation
Pavel Brusser *, Managing Director/ Head of Infrastructure Projects Directorate, Gazprombank (Joint Stock Company)
Andrey Kiselev, Managing Director, Department for Infrastructure Financing, VTB Capital
Konstantin Limitovskiy, Vice Chairman of the Board, Eurasian Development Bank
Roman Golovanov, Head of the SPP Project Formation Unit, St. Petersburg Investments Committee
Alexander Isakov, Head, Directorate for the Implementation of PPP Projects, VIS Construction Group
Vladimir Kilinkarov, Head of Public-Private Partnership Practice, Intellectual Property Practices and Information Law, Maxima Legal

12.00-13.30 MEDIA HALL

Pharmaceuticals industry of Saint Petersburg: Opportunities for export and innovation
Issues for discussion:

  • Export potential of the pharmaceutical industry. Could the pharmaceutical industry become an example of diversification of the structure of Russian exports and a means for reducing the national economy's dependence on the raw materials base?
  • Introducing labeling of drugs as an efficient tool to protect pharmaceutical companies from unfair competition
  • Development of active pharmaceutical substances production in Russia. Strategic support of the state at the federal and regional levels.
  • Development of the pharmaceutical cluster as one of the drivers of the Russian economy within the frame of the development program until 2030. How will the creation of the Russian institute of certification of standard samples affect country's GDP growth?
  • Is the state ready to offer supporting mechanisms to science-driven sectors with low private capital availability that are important for balanced innovative development of the industry?
  • Establishment of a legal environment and guarantees for the intellectual property rights protection as the basis for investments in healthcare and development of research capacities
  • Compulsory licensing: foreign practices in pharmaceuticals and other industries, legislative control in Russia today, initiatives on changing regulation and practices

Liliya Titova*,
Executive Director, Union of professional pharmaceutical organizations

Maxim Meixin,
Chairman, Committee on Industrial Policies and Innovation
Ekaterina Evdotii, Head of sectoral planning and strategic development Development Department of the pharmaceutical and medical industry, Ministry ofof industry and trade of the Russian Federation
Valentina Kosenko, Chief, Directorate for State Quality Control of Medical Products, Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare
Viktor Dmitriev *, Director General, Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
Vadim Vlasov, President, Novartis Group of Companies
Pavel Savitsky, Director, Practice of Intellectual Property and Information Technologies, Borenius
Alexander Semenov, President, Active Component
Alexander Khromov, CEO, MBNPK Cytomed
Alexander Borisov *, Managing Director


Investment in commercial real estate of St. Petersburg: Post-crisis growth and the return of international investors
Issue for discussion:

  • This year St. Petersburg market is expected to see a significant growth – what has changed in the recent few years?
  • What are the changes in the share of foreign capital in the commercial real estate market of St. Petersburg?
  • What is the key strategy of foreign investors for investing in St. Petersburg market?
  • The most attractive segments – offices, trade, hotels, warehousing?
  • The driving role of Gazprom in the office retail estate of St. Petersburg
  • Key factors driving foreign investors' decisions to invest in the commercial real estate market

Sayan Tsyrenov,
Director of Retail Estate Practice, PwC

Andrey Kolokolnikov,
Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
Andrey Khitrov, Regional Director, EKE Group in Russia
Tomi Asanti, Head of Russia Office, Sponda
Michael Kazarian, Investment Director, Trinfico

14.00-15.30 THEATER HALL

Transportation and logistics: Growth potential for Saint Petersburg
Issues for discussion:

  • Competitive advantages of the region in the development of transit traffic.
  • Mechanisms for the acceleration and simplification of customs procedures and the integration into the European customs technologies.
  • Ways to cope with the imbalance between the rate of development of ports, major transportation hubs, and the related transportation infrastructure. Is it possible to turn bottlenecks into growth points?
  • Creating transportation, logistics, and warehousing centers as an instrument to increase the industrial and investment potential of the region.
  • The role of multi-modal operators in addressing complex transportation and logistics tasks.
  • Creating an effective mechanism for managing the logistics and transportation systems of the region based on modern terminals and logistics centers.

Moderator: Valentin Yenokayev, Deputy Director General – Head, Department for the Development of Transport Infrastructure and ITS, Autonomous Non-Profit Organization Directorate for the Development of the Transport Framework of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region

Speakers: Alexander Golovin, Member of the St. Petersburg Government – Chairman of the Committee on Transport
Sergey Kelbakh, Chairman of the Board, State Company Russian Highways
Andrey Pankov, Director General, ZAO Renault Russia
Alexey Shukletsov, Executive Director, MMRC Bronka
Vyacheslav Zelepuga, Commercial Director, A Plyus Development CJSC
Alexey Karchemov, Senior Lawyer on Maritime / Transport Law Practice, Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners Law Firm
Dmitry Nikitin, President, ZAO EurosibSP-Transport Systems
Nikita Pushkarev, Commercial Director, GEFCO Russia

14:00-15:30 MEDIA HALL

The state of the investment climate and the prospects of investment development.
Issues for discussion:

  • Tax incentives for investors in the NWFD: Opportunities for the regions, investor expectations, and benchmarking with international practices.
  • Should we finance separate projects and facilities or investments should be directed towards the development of the institutional environment?
  • Is it efficient to introduce the selection technologies in order to support the projects that due to the cooperation of technologically connected players can be scaled up to the global market level and have a synergistic effect?
  • How to prevent the growth of administrative burden on businesses?
  • Standards of the development of competition.
  • Creating conditions for the growth of small and medium-sized businesses and the development of private entrepreneurial initiative.

Moderator: Dmitry Chagin, Director, Medical and Pharmaceutical Projects. XXI Century NP in the development, production and circulation of medicines and medical equipment

Vadim Vladimirov,
Head, Office of the Federal Antimonopoly Service in St. Petersburg
Irina Babyuk, Chair, St. Petersburg Investment Committee
Julia Loginova, Deputy head of administration of the Governor of St. Petersburg - head of Project management - project office
Alexey Titov, Director, Northwestern Branch, MegaFon
Natalia Shcherbakova, Partner, Head of Tax Practice in St. Petersburg, PwC
Alexander Abrosimov, Commissioner for Entrepreneurs' Rights in St. Petersburg
Maxim Lyubomudrov*, Member of the Board, Deputy Managing Director, JSC Federal Corporation on Promoting SMEs
Andrey Karpilovich*, Head, Northwestern Federal District Office, CJSC Siemens
Arzum Arzumanyan, Head of the representative office North-West Agency for strategic initiatives.

16:00-18:00 MEDIA HALL

Economy of sport and the sport business Issues for discussion:

  • Legislative initiatives and the state policy for stimulating investment into sport.
  • How to achieve a synergy of the investment development of industries associated with major sport events?
  • Sport as a national idea. Should we wait for business support? How to maintain the interest of private investors in funding the infrastructure for favorite sports?
  • International sport events: Problems of management, development, and monetization.
  • Requirements for the hotel infrastructure during international sport events.
  • Managing sport venues and facilities. How to achieve economic effectiveness in managing sport venues and facilities?

Yury Strofilov,
Publisher, City Information Portal Sankt.Peterburg.Ru

Roman Rotenberg *,
Vice President, Member of the Board of Directors, SKA Hockey Club
Sergei Fursenko, President, FC Zenit
Irina Babyuk, Chairman, St. Petersburg Investment Committee
Andrei Mushkarev, Chairman, St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development
Tatiana Redko, Deputy Director General, ZAO RENAULT RUSSIA
Uwe Kunz, General Manager, Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg

16:00-17:30 THEATER HALL

Urban environment for a new economy and agglomeration processes
Issues for discussion:

  • Can Saint Petersburg's urban environment successfully face the competitive challenges posed by global cities in the struggle for foreign investment?
  • Is it possible to reach a constructive compromise between the task of protecting the historic and architectural heritage and the necessity of attracting private investments into the renovation and development projects in order to meet the requirements of a modern city?
  • How can we connect urbanistic tasks of the City with the city planning and legislation?
  • Can the creation of agglomerations become a driver for attracting investments into the region?
  • How to achieve a synergy between research centers, manufacturing sectors with high added value, creative industries, and a competitive urban environment?
  • How to avoid the spontaneity in the development of industrial and residential areas? How to resist the development of low-cost housing in peripheral urban areas lacking the appropriate social infrastructure and community spaces?

Elena Krom,
columnist and editor, RBC Petersburg; Head of the "Future Petersburg" Project

Andrei Chibis *,
Russian Federation Deputy Minister on Construction and Housing and Communal Services
Vladimir Grigoriev, Chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for Urban Development and Architecture - Chief Architect of St. Petersburg
Denis Chamara, Chairman, Committee for Informatization and Communicationsv Valery Moskalenko, Acting Chairman, St. Petersburg Committee for Economic Policies and Strategic Planning
Dmitry Panov, Managing Director, Doverie Group of Companies
Vyacheslav Semenenko, Director General, MASTER Development
Anton Finogenov, Director General, Urbanica Territorial Planning Institute
Raymond Adbu Fadel, Director, AECOM Russia
Oleg Pachenkov, Director of the Center for applied research, European University in Saint-Petersburg


Investment in healthcare: Protecting the human capital
Issues for discussion:

  • Healthcare, an industry protecting human capital, as a driver of modern economy
  • State healthcare optimization policy
  • Implementation of investment projects in the field social and economic development, development of PPP mechanisms, support of attracting private capital in Russia's medical and welfare sector
  • Mechanisms of improving economic efficiency and performance of medical services
  • What management and technological solutions can help reduce budget load, while keeping the balance between the critical social function of the state and the financial optimization of the industry?

Alexander Solonin,
CEO of SRO "Association of private clinics of Saint-Petersburg"

Invited speakers:
Anna Mityanina,
Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg
Alexander Kuzhel, Director, Territorial Fund of Compulsory Medical Insurance (TFOMS) of St. Petersburg, Plenipotentiary Representative of the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund in Northwestern Federal District
Ilya Ivanov, Managing Partner, Medical Investment Group (MIG)
Gleb Mikhailik, Managing Director, Russian/Finnish Clinic Scandinavia
Sergey Furmanchuk, Managing Director, Hosser Group
Georgy Manikhas *, Chief Doctor, City Clinical Oncology Center, St. Petersburg
Alexey Mavrin, General Director, Management company CUSTODY
Roman Golovanov, Deputy Chairman, Committee for investment of St. Petersburg
Sergey Shcherbak*, Chief doctor, St. Petersburg GBUZ "City hospital №40"
Victor Afonin*, Executive Director – head of the consulting division for project financing PJSC "Sberbank"
Dmitry Paradise, Deputy Director of investment Directorate investment projects and programs of CJSC «Lider»

18.00-19.30 THEATER HALL

Incentives for the localization and the development of industrial production in the region
Issues for discussion:

  • How to balance the participation of businesses and the state in the formation of the priorities of the investment policy in the technological sector?
  • How to select cluster projects that can bring investments in the long-term perspective and are oriented towards global markets?
  • How to create systems that can not only successfully attract investment flows into the primary production, but can also create an atmosphere for the development of related businesses and projects?
  • Can the development of specialized industrial zones offer an additional incentive for the redevelopment projects in the "gray belt"?
  • Involvement of scientific schools in addressing regional tasks through their participation in cluster projects and the development of engineering centers as a competitive advantage of the scientific potential of the City.

Maria Chernobrovkina,
Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce

Sergey Movchan,
Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg
Victor Vasiliev, Director for External Relations, LLC Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus
Steafnos Vafeidis, General Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Russia
Alexey Zhukov, Commercial Director, CJSC Wrigley
Maria Savelyeva, Director of logistics and external relations, TPV CIS Ltd.
Andrey Bezrukov, Director for strategic marketing, GS Group
Leonid Chernigov, General Director GK "Rakurs"
Marina Khabacheva*, Director, tea-packing factory "Unilever" in Saint-Petersburg
Tamara Rondaleva, General Director, JSC "Special economic zone "Saint-Petersburg"

18:00-19:30 MEDIA HALL

Digital government: Transferring government services into an electronic format as an effective instrument for lowering administrative barriers
Issues for discussion:

  • The quality of governance - a key factor for a successful economic development.
  • Creating a new infrastructure for implementing digital governance.
  • Improving the efficiency of executive authorities, fine tuning of cross-agency cooperation as a basis for providing electronic and traditional services. Adjusting the inter-agency cooperation as the basis for providing electronic and traditional services.
  • Development prospect of digital industries in public and private sectors
  • The introduction of the Unified System of the Construction Complex in Saint Petersburg as a case study of the opportunities of the digital government.

Alexander Kareyevsky,
economic correspondent, TV Russia 24, presenter at Vecti FM Radio Station

Valentin Makarov,
President, Russoft NP
Denis Chamara, Chairman, Committee for Informatization and Communications
Boris Glazkov, Vice President, Rostelecom PJSC
Oleg Telyukov, General Director of macroregion "North-West" Tele2 Russia
Nikolay Lebedev, President of the Group "Transas"
Alexander Egorov*, General Director, member of the Board of Directors, Reksoft
Gennady Orlov, Director, Medical information analytical center of Saint-Petersburg
Alexander Semenov*, President GK "KORUS Consulting"


Meeting of the Expert Group of the Agency for Strategic Communications on Monitoring and Control of the Implementation of Target Models to Facilitate Business Operations and Improve the Investment Attractiveness of St. Petersburg (by invitations only)

October 27, Lumiere Hall, 74C Obvodny Canal Embankment


The development of creative industries: Prerequisites and prospects. How do creative and cultural projects change urban economy?

  • The role of creative spaces in the development of global cities.
  • How can creative spaces facilitate urban development? What role do creative spaces play in the development of territories?
  • Mechanisms of shaping the creative capital of the City.
  • The potential of creative industries for fostering the investment attractiveness of cities.

Dmitry Gavra,
Chair, Department of Public Relations, School of Journalism, St. Petersburg State University

Irina Babyuk,
Chair, St. Petersburg Investment Committee
Evgeny Gudov, Founder, Lumiere Hall Project
Igor Lotakov *, Managing Partner, PwC in Russia
Sergey Dubrovsky, Director General, JSC Apraksin Dvor, City Management Company
Dmitry Zaitsev, Chairman, the Board of Trustees for the Museum of Street Art, St. Petersburg
Teemu Helppolainen, Director, YIT, Russia Business Line
Pavel Prigara*, Director, Central exhibition hall "Manege"
Konstantin Sukhenko, Chairman, Committee for culture of St. Petersburg
Natalya Olin, founder of the project "Ciferburg", curated cluster "Golitsyn Loft"


The potential of light industry in the development of creative economy
Issues for discussion:

  • What conditions are necessary for the development of the state-of-the-art technologies at the light industry enterprises to 2020?
  • The export and non-resource-based potential of the industry.
  • How to stimulate the development of the businesses manufacturing the products with high added value that are based on advanced technologies, innovations, and a high quality design, as well as the companies producing highly fashionable and quality goods and technically complex and special textile products?
  • Cooperation between manufacturers and retailers.
  • Development of contractual manufacturing in cooperation with the leading international brands.

Moderator: Anna Zabrotskaya, Counselor, Head of Practice on Dispute Resolution, St. Petersburg office of the Borenius Law Firm

Evgeny Ryzhov,
Director, Department of Internal Trade, Light Industry and Consumer Market Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
Elgiz Kachaev, Chairman, St. Petersburg Committee for the Development of Entrepreneurship and the Consumer Market
Taimuraz Bolloev *, President, BTK Group
Viktor Ignatyev, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tandem-Estate LLC
Maxim Balanev, Executive Director, Regional Integrated Center Saint-Petersburg
Andrey Burmatikov, Fashion-Director, Faberlic
Dmitriy Timurshin, Founder, Freedom Team
Alexander Nikulin, Executive Director, Tribuna

*to be confirmed.
The Program of the Forum may change.